Shelter Kitchen focus on catering & kitchen elements. We pride to provide quality, healthy and diversity of food choices at reasonable cost. Consumers would equally enjoy the quality gourmet as same as the five stars restaurant in the easiest and economical way. Our core is to communicate with our consumers in accord to fulfil their needs. Gaining satisfaction on what we have prepared. To learn and explore on new diversify of tasting cultures and behaviour.


Shelter Kitchen acts like your own kitchen to supply what you want!


Shelter Kitchen’s head chef has over 10 years of solid exquisite cooking experiences, he obtained his professional, knowledge and skills from well-known Michelin chefs. His enthusiasm and passion on cooking together with his endavour has strived up numerous of tasting ideas & signature dishes. His strengthens on tailor menu is being impressed with remarkable comments.


Our head chef has leaded his professional team for 5 years during the time in Shelter Lounge. The whole team had strived up superb team work to deliver extraordinary dining experience. His team follows the aim on “Our passion for food, produce in quality!”