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promotions 6/11/2020

我們現推出限量「感謝包」以報答大家一直以來的支持及耐心等候,當中大部份是新加的項目,並附送手沖咖啡及茶包的禮品,售價 hk$688。數量有限,售完即止!歡迎whatsapp訂購: 53389803

we are now launching a limited edition “thanksgiving bag” to thank you for your support and patience. most of these items are new from our product line and it also comes with free hand-craft coffee and tea bags as a gift, price only hk$688/bag. limited quantity! while stocks last! details or place order, please whatsapp us: 53389803

感謝包 thanksgiving bag:

加拿大冰鮮top aaa牛腹心肉 canadian chilled top aaa flap meat (300g)
加拿大冰鮮top aaa牛腩排肉 canadian chilled top aaa flank steak (300g)
加拿大冰鮮top aaa肉眼 canadian chilled top aaa ribeye (300g)
美國安格斯西冷 u.s. angus striploin (270g)
挪威三文魚柳 norwegian salmon fillet (180g)
越南鯰魚柳 vietnamese pangasius fillet (220g)
虎蝦 tiger prawn (5pcs)
帶子 scallop (5pcs)
韓式醬醃金莎骨 marinated ribs in korean style (500g)
韓式醬醃春雞 marinated spring chicken in korean style (1pc)
韓式牛仔骨 beef short rib bone-in in korean style (500g)

附送 free items:

環保袋 tote bag (1pc)
手沖咖啡壼連蓋 coffee kettle (1pc)
家用手沖咖啡 coffee drip bag (2 types)
全天然無公害茶包 biodynamic tea bag (3 types)
清淨園牛肉醃肉汁 chung jung one marinade for beef (1 bottle)

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