【火鍋拼盤 family hotpot combo

promotions 6/1/2021

冬天來襲,又係打邊爐嘅季節!今次繼續為大家搜羅美食福袋,除左多款大熱靚牛肉* 之外,仲有西班牙栗飼豬梅肉薄片、全殼熟蜆、越南原隻熟花螺、原隻魷魚筒、韓式午餐肉同日本真打稻庭烏冬!

加$100 – 可自選其中一款牛肉* 升級至皇牌「手切美國安格斯牛小排薄片」
加$200 – 即換購日本補水帶子 (250g) 及原條波士頓龍蝦尾 (4oz)

– 加拿大冰鮮top aaa牛肉薄片:牛腹心肉、牛腩排肉及牛腹胸肉
– 美國頂級牛板腱薄片


family hotpot combo

finally, it is winter, the perfect season for hotpot! we add various elements into this combo, despite of the assorted beef*, spanish chestnuts fed pork collar (sliced), cooked clams, vietnamese periwinkle snail, squid, korean luncheon meat & japanese inaniwakaze udon are also included!

with the limited offers:
– add $100 to upgrade the beef* (from the set) to the signature u.s. angus beef short rib (sliced)
– add $200 to purchase 1 set of japanese frozen scallop (250g) & boston lobster tail (4oz)

* the assorted beef are included:
– canadian chilled top aaa beef: flat meat, flank steak & hanger steak
– u.s. prime top blade (sliced) offer valid while stocks last!

* 圖片只供參考
* photo for reference only

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【韓燒精選包 korean bbq set

promotions 6/1/2021


其實呢個係一個萬用派對福袋,好多客人都用喺屋企開party,無論係蒸煮或者用光波爐 / 焗爐都一一駕馭到!非常方便! 12月天氣開始轉涼喇!我地再為大家推出一個在家韓燒套餐(4-5人用),而且今次係嗜牛朋友嘅福音, 入面包括左一個韓式拼盤(加拿大冰鮮top aaa 牛腹心肉片、牛腩排肉片、牛腹胸肉片(即封門柳)、醬醃牛肋骨肉)、無骨黑椒鹹豬手,自家醃制嘅韓式香辣春雞同韓式豬仔骨。

再隨機送你韓式禮品:午餐肉 / 明太魚湯 / 牛肉湯(其中一款) 總值hk$700,而家只售hk$538。 等你可以安在家中,開個爐就食得!


*野生緬甸紅腳虎蝦王2隻 及 日本刺身帶子(約250g)

thanks all for the support & positive feedback of our nov thanksgiving bag!

it is actually an all-in-one party set, all the meat & seafood we prepared can simply cook with steamer, halogen cooking pot or oven, convenient as you can imagine! after collecting all the comments previously, we have prepared a homey korean bbq set for this winter! and specially made for the beef lovers with a juicy beef platter (canadian chilled top aaa flat meat, flank steak, hanger steak & marinated beef rib), boneless black pepper pork knuckle, spicy chicken & pork rib.

additionally, one korean product will randomly give away with this set (luncheon meat, alaskan pollack soup or beef soup)! all foods are well prepared at our side, and what you need is only a strove!

add hk$300 to upgrade the homey set with free delivery immediately:
* a5 kagoshima beef  1 pc (+/- 400g)


myanmar sea tiger prawn  2pcs & japanese scallop sashimi (+/-250g)
don’t miss out our special price at hk$538 for the value of hk$700 products! limited stock!

* 圖片只供參考
* photo for reference only

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排毒花茶套裝 detox tea package

promotions 24/2/2021


– 花香伯爵茶:有助鎮定情緒、抗壓及幫助消化 (3包)
– 摩洛哥薄荷茶:提神醒腦、消除裨胃脹氣 (3包)
– 玫瑰黑茶:滋潤美容、消滯解膩 (3包)
– 桂花烏龍:溫潤清熱、寧神解鬱 (1包)

having weight gain after chinese new year with plenty of turnip cakes & sweet rice cake? it is time to have some healthy treat, and we’ve select a detox tea package for you!
– victorian earl grey: stress relief, benefit for digestion (3pcs)
– moroccan mint: refreshing & eliminate gas (3pcs)
– rose black: to maintain healthy skin & cleanse inner body (3pcs)
– osmanthus oolong: benefit for stress relief (1pc)

* 圖片只供參考
* photo for reference only

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限定尾崎牛(ozaki beef)終於到貨!

promotions 2/3/2021

尾崎牛!尾崎牛!尾崎牛(Ozaki Beef)終於到貨!


1️⃣ 非常珍貴的牛種 – 每月限定只可屠宰三十隻,香港貨源亦相當有限;
2️⃣ 日本唯一以農場主人姓氏命名的品牌牛肉 – 深受很多美食家愛戴;
3️⃣ 油脂獨有的清爽感 – 飼養時間比一般和牛長,讓肉脂的融點及肉的味道更穩定,脂肪更容易被人的體溫溶化,令其油脂多了一份清爽感,吃下一整件也不覺飽滯;
4️⃣極致膳食 – 堅持飲用日本天然泉水及特別調配的飼料,成份包括:大麥、小麥、大豆渣、蘑菇、海藻粉等12種飼料令肉質及味道獨當一面!自身已帶有甘甜味,不用沾醬也非常美味!

limited stock!!! ozaki beef is finally arrived! this cattle breeds that you cannot miss as they are one of the top beef in japan!

excellent marbling, with special feeding method to reduce the greasy feeling.
1️⃣ precious cattle breed: limited slaughter quantity to maximum 30 cattle per month, and it is comparatively rare in hk market;
2️⃣ the only brand that named same as his own farmer’s family name: with very good comment from the famous foodies;
3️⃣ the unique refreshing sensation of fat: feeding time is longer than the ordinary wagyu beef; the fat can be melted in the mouth, also easier to digest by human, the taste won’t be overwhelmed by its richness;
4️⃣ ultimate diet: feeding with japanese natural spring water, and special formulated feeds with 12 non-preservatives ingredients to maintain the meat uniqueness! it is flavorsome!

* 圖片只供參考
* photo for reference only

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美國頂級牛板腱推廣價只係 $188/kg!

promotions 11/3/2021



美國頂級牛板腱推廣價只係 $188/kg,就可以試盡不同食法。 你都快快買一件返去試下自己手勢!

* 現有 500g/1000g 以供選擇。

top blade is becoming popular in hong kong because of its rich beefy flavour and reasonable price.

it comes from the chuck section, and there is the cross-cut from the top blade subprimal, meats are tender and juicy covered with good amount of fat, while the ribbed parts are relatively tough. many customers enjoy buying the whole piece of top blade and make different cuttings. thin slices are perfect for korean barbacure; thick slices can be cooked as steaks as the rich meaty flavour is as good as a sirloin! for the ribbed part, we recommend cutting off the fascia and simmer till it is soft.

u.s. prime top blade is now only $188/kg during the promotion period! how can you resist this quality meat! let’s bring it home and be a home chef!

* weight 500g / 1000g are available for your selection.

* 圖片只供參考
* photo for reference only

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熱賣意大利高級油醋套裝 – 意大利冷壓初榨橄欖油 x 意大利濃醋

promotions 15/3/2021

熱賣意大利高級油醋套裝 – 意大利冷壓初榨橄欖油 X 意大利濃醋

套裝價 $65

1. 意大利初榨橄欖油 100ml ($48)
– 冷榨具獨特的渾濁乳白色,保留鮮甜味道及略帶果味,最適合拌蔬菜沙律及各種精緻菜餚。獨特的綠色鋁箔包裝,能保護橄欖油免受光線的照射而影響品質。

2. 意大利濃醋 250ml ($25)
– 擁有意大利igp認證,甜酸度平衡,質感幼滑;以黑醋加入初榨橄欖油輕拌麵包、芝士、火腿或生果皆絕配之選!

itailian combo – olio extra vergine di oliva x balsamic cream combo

set price $65

delicious match for bread, snack & salad.
1. olio extra vergine di oliva 100ml ($48) – it is an extra virgin olive oil with the first cold press method, cold press have an unique milky white colour, sweet & fruity, it is perfect for salad & meat, also enhancing the level of refined dishes. the elegant bottle wrapped in green aluminum foil that protects the oil from the sun lighting.

2. balsamic cream 250ml ($25) – with italian igp certificate, good balance of sweet and acidity with silky texture; perfect for bread dipping, ham & cheeses or fruit mixing, for enhancing the food flavor.

* 圖片只供參考
* photo for reference only

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