日本 a5 和牛,絕對是所有和牛中最少有的等級,僅佔全日本牛產量的1%。現在,為大家推薦3款,更為稀有的 a5 和牛部位,當中包括:沙巴當、本三筋和特上牛五花。

promotions 2/9/2022

宮崎 a5 和牛 – 限定稀有部位!

第1款,“沙巴當” 位於肩部肋骨附近,大理石紋油花特別均勻。 一頭牛只有3-4公斤的“沙巴當”,十分罕有的部位。大理石花紋呈點狀的,非常獨特!濃郁油香,肉質結實,且入口即溶,適合製作燒肉料理。

第2款,“本三筋“ 位於肩胛骨後面,是一種罕有的的部位,每頭牛的產量很少,其濃郁的鮮味,用來烤肉最好不過。肉在高溫下,脂肪徹底融化,令鮮味更為突出。


千祈唔好錯過呀!最少100g就可以試到宮崎 a5 和牛,仲唔快d選購!限量供應,售完即止!

miyazaki a5 wagyu limited & rarest cut !

the a5 grade of japanese wagyu is the rarest grade of all wagyu. it makes up only 1% of the production of japanese beef. now, we recommended 3 different kinds of wagyu a5 cuts to you. enjoy these ultra rare wagyu a5 cuts, zabuton, top blade and karubi.

firstly, “zabuton” is a rare part from the chuck that is especially evenly marbled. only 3 to 4 kg can be taken from one cow. the marbling is in dotted form, very unique! the smell of its oil is dense and the texture of meat is very solid. the taste can be described as nearly melts in mouth. suitable to make yakiniku cuisine.

secondly, “top blade“ is located behind the shoulder blades. it is a rare cut, with a low yield per cow, and its rich umami is best enjoyed through yakiniku. cooking the meat over high heat to thoroughly melt the fat will bring out its full umami.

finally, ”karubi“ is taken from the half of the outer ribs that’s closer to the upper foreleg. this cut is rich in flavor and is characterized by a slight sweetness. tender and very juicy.

don’t miss the chance to experience the rare cuts of miyazaki wagyu beef with order 100g up. limited edition while stock last.

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