[3月精選] 今次為大家推介3款魚,野生阿拉斯加黑鱈魚柳 (銀鱈魚)、紐西蘭海魴魚柳 及 紐西蘭金絲魚柳,數量有限,售完即止!

promotions 15/3/2024

先介紹來自阿拉斯加的野生黑鱈魚柳 (銀鱈魚),含有大量omega3,對大家的身體健康都非常重要,而且銀鱈魚的煮法簡單方便,煎煮後再加少許檸檬汁,大約10分鐘就可以享用,非常方便,可以買一邊,每邊hk$198/kg;一件件買亦可,hk$228/kg。




[march selections] this time, we recommend 3 types of fish. first, let’s introduce the wild alaskan black cod fillet (also known as sablefish), which is rich in omega-3 fatty acids and highly beneficial for your health. cooking black cod is simple and convenient. just pan-fry it and add a squeeze of lemon juice. it will be ready to enjoy in about 10 minutes. it’s very convenient and can be purchased at hk$198/kg each side. if you prefer to buy it by weight, it’s hk$228/kg.

another option is the new zealand john dory fillet, offered at a discounted price of hk$188/kg. it has a tender texture, mild flavor, and low fat content. it’s perfect for lightly seasoning, coating with flour, and pan-frying with butter.

lastly, we have the new zealand orange roughy fillet, available at a promotional price of hk$168/kg. it has a firm, pearly-white flesh with delicate flavors reminiscent of shellfish. it’s suitable for various cooking methods.

limited quantities available, while stocks last!


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