[限時優惠] 手切本地牛拼盤

[promotion] hand-cut local beef combo


手切本地牛拼盤,有4個部位:牛頸 – 脂肪較少,口感極佳;牛脊 – 有適量油花,肉質鮮嫩爽滑,肉味濃郁;牛邊 – 大理石油脂花紋分佈均勻,肉質滑嫩及最後係牛胸尖 – 口感爽口,油香滿溢。

highly recommended for hot pot, approx. 1lb, while stocks last!

hand-cut local beef combo, there are 4 different cuts. beef neck has less fat and has excellent taste; beef chuck, is a lean cut and has light marble with rich flavors. beef-edge of ribeye is highly marbled, tender, and full of flavor. finally, beef white chest has refreshing taste, full of oily aroma.


數量有限,請whatsapp 聯絡我們!
place order or enquiries, please whatsapp us!


九龍區  kowloon
凡惠顧 $600以上包送貨。free delivery at purchase $600 up.

新界區 new territories
包括東涌及西貢區,凡惠顧 $800以上包送貨。tung chung & sai kung district included, free delivery at purchase $800 up.

港島區  hong kong island
港島東至西區,凡惠顧 $600以上包送貨;港島南區則惠顧 $800以上包送貨。for hong kong island from east to west, free delivery at purchase $600 up. for hong kong island south, free delivery at purchase $800 up.


自取點 pick-up
pick-up point at hoi bun road kwun tong by reservation.
pick-up time: tue – sat, 1000 – 1300 (except holidays).


* 圖片只供參考
* photo for reference only

** 數量有限售完即止
** supply while stocks last