netherlands milk fed osso buco

荷蘭乃世界最大牛仔肉生產國,他們對牛仔飼養到屠宰、以至生產都有嚴謹監控,確保品質安全而且美味。今次為大家推薦呢款精心挑選既荷蘭乳飼牛仔膝,正是以乳飼牛仔屠宰生產。肉汁豐富,口感軟嫰鮮甜,煑成米蘭牛膝,滋味十足 !

the netherlands is the world’s largest producer of veal meat, and they closely monitor the quality, safety and deliciousness of veals, from slaughter to production. this time, we recommend a carefully selected netherlands milk fed osso buco, which is slaughtered and produced by milk-fed veals. rich in gravy, soft and sweet in taste.


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九龍區  kowloon
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